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We are pleased to announce that all works on our top floor renovation have finished and all rooms are ready to go! We are so happy with the finished rooms and really look forward to sharing them with our future guests. The newly renovated rooms have been designed with our Guests' comfort in mind and we think it shows. We have created space for larger bathrooms featuring brand new suites with all rooms furnished with Sealy Posurepedic matresses and large flat screen TV's for you to enjoy along with a host of other touches we're sure you'll love! The rest of the house will follow suit in the coming years as we continue to strive to make the house the best it can be!

Below are some photos of the project in full swing!

Hope to see you soon,

Meg and John

reno 9.jpg_1516980018  reno 4.jpg_1516980017

       reno 8.jpg_1516980017          reno 10.jpg_1516980018

    reno 6.jpg_1516980017   reno 11.jpg_1516980018

      reno 2.jpg_1516980017         reno 3.jpg_1516980017

      reno 12.jpg_1519649744   reno 13.jpg_1519649744

      reno 15.jpg_1519649744   reno 16.jpg_1519649744

      reno 18.jpg_1519649744   reno 17.jpg_1519649744

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